How to reduce pain along with hip abduction exercises?

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What is hip abduction exercise and how it helps in reducing hip pain? In Today’s era, all work done by machine. We have to sit in a chair for 7 to 8 hours for a long time for our work, which can make hip flexors and rotators tight. This makes the gluteal muscles weak. It can affect your walking, posture, spinal stability, and movement pattern.

In our last blog read how to do hamstring stretch exercises. What are its benefits and what precautions should be taken? If you have not read yet, you can read. . Let’s get started…

Hips/glutes/muscle tightness around the hip is common.

In order to walk normally, the hip extension should be about 15-20 degrees. Hip flexors do not open much when tight and there is a pain in the hips or lower back during walking or any movement.

Like other joints, if we do not regularly pay attention to reduce hips stiffness, stiffness, tightness, or stiffness, and do no exercises, mobility decreases as the pain begins slowly in the hips.

Hip Abductor Strengthening Exercise.

Hip stretches can be a good solution to get relief from this problem. We talk about the work culture of today, all the work is done by the machine, due to which the tightness in the neck, lower back shoulder, etc. is common due to sitting in the table-chair for hours for work. After some time the pain can be started.

. By stretching the hips likewise, their stiffness can also be reduced.

So today we will tell about some hip abduction exercises of hips that will reduce stiffness and tightness. Also, it will help you in maintaining your hips or hips flexibility.

The muscles of the hips themselves provide support for moving the hips, rotating, or doing other tasks. The hip has the following muscles, which work in different ways.

Hip flexors, Hip extensors, Hip Adductors, Hip abductors, Hip rotators

The hip look consists of a stable ball and a socket type. This is a large range of motion combined. The hips also have the largest muscles in the body as well as small muscles.

Sitting for long periods causes stiffness in the hip flexors and hamstrings. This can cause arthritis, postural problems, bursitis, and mechanical back pain.

The position of the hips begins to affect pelvic and spinal postures and function. Therefore it is necessary to exercise hips abduction.

Hip abduction and adduction Exercises


Side Lying

Side Lying

Curtsy Lunge to lateral raise

Kneeling Side Kicks

Side Lunge to Lateral Range

Fire hydrant Exercise

Side Reclining leg raise

Crunch to leg lift

Bench Lateral Raises


  1. Helps to work hip pain.
  2. There is flexibility in the muscles of the hip.
  3. Our body feels relaxed.
  4. Reduces the tightness of our muscles.
  5. By doing this, our feet start to open easily by 15-20 degrees, which makes it easier to walk.
  6. Doing this before a hard workout provides a lot of benefits of doing the workout.
  7. By doing this exercise, the problem of hip pain can be saved to a great extent.
  8. It also protects our hip and knees from being injured.

Precaution .

  • Start an exercise under the supervision of an exercise trainer.
  • Consult your doctor before starting an exercise.
  • Stop exercising immediately if pain increases due to exercise.
  • Avoid exercise during the pregnancy period.
  • In case of injury in the hip and knee, you must consult your doctor before doing this.

Can We start exercise today?

That’s why guys, exercise regularly and if you haven’t started exercising yet, start exercising with the Puneet Singh Tandi Gurera YouTube channel from today. Very soon you will find a positive change in yourself and get success with a disease-free life.

Do let us know your thoughts about this. Also, if you found this post useful, then do share it.

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