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How To Lose Belly Fat Naturally At Home? Plank Exercise is the Best exercise for Lose Belly Fat Naturally At Home.If you really want to shape your body, then only four minutes is enough for that. You must be surprised to hear how this is possible but if done with the right diligence it is possible. In these four minutes, you will have to work hard for 28 days to regain the right shape. You have to divide these four minutes in 28 days. Know what you have to do.

We are going to tell you an exercise in which you will have to work very little but your body will come in shape. With this X-shape, your waist, abdomen, butt, arms and legs muscles will also be strengthened.

Plank Exercise at Home Lose Belly Fat Naturally.

If you want a super model body then you should take this ‘Plank Challenge’.

You will start it in Day One with 20 seconds. In the final week, you will be perfect to do this exercise for 4 minutes.

Poor lifestyle and bad food cause diseases, along with it they increase body fatness. Today every other person in world is worried about the increased weight. Obesity not only spoils the personality but also increases the risk of many diseases like heart disease ,diabetes and another diseases. Although people work hard by dieting to lose weight, it does not matter much. In such a situation, today we will tell you about an exercise, which will not only reduce weight by doing 1 minute, but it will also bring the body in perfect shape.

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Shortly before, the famous Indian cricketer and captain of the Indian team, Virat Kohli released a video of Spider Plank in the campaign ‘We Fit to India Fit’. Plank exercise is not only a great workout, but it is also easy to do. It can be done anywhere. By doing this, the muscles become stronger. It has many other benefits. In this, the weight of the body has to be placed on the paws and elbows. If you are starting this, do it under the supervision of your doctor and under the supervision of a trainer.

Plank Exercise is Best for Weight Loss.

In order to stay fit and lose weight, people are seeing craze of planking nowadays. Many player Bollywood, Hollywood and bodybuilders celebs also like to exercise planks to stay fit. This only one exercise makes almost the whole body strong.

How to do?

The right situation is the most important for planning. To get the right result, keep the body in a straight line. Take a long breath and do this exercise focusing on the strength of the body. Once you are in the right position, you will be fully ready to take the Plank Challenge.

This is a 28-day plan

Day 1 – 25 Seconds

Day 2 – 25 Seconds

Day 3 – 25 seconds

Day 4 – 25 seconds

Day 5 – 35 seconds

Day 6 – Rest
Plank Exercise for Beginners

Day 7 – 50 Seconds

Day 8 – 50 Seconds

Day 9 – 55 seconds

Day 10 – 55 seconds

Day 11 – 65 seconds

Day 12 – 90 seconds

Day 13 – Rest

Day 14 – 95 seconds

Day 15 – 95 seconds

Day 16 – 125 seconds

Day 17 – 125 seconds

Day 18 – 150 seconds

Day 19 – Rest

Day 20 – 160 seconds

Day 21 – 160 seconds

Day 22 – 170 seconds

Day 23 – 170 seconds

Day 24 – 200 seconds

Day 25 – Rest

Day 26 – 220 seconds

Day 27 – 240 Seconds

Day 28 – Now without breaking this practice for 4 minutes daily.

Plank exercises can be done in 10 ways but today we are going to tell you some easy steps, which will help you keep fit.

-For simple full plank arm exercises, Slowly slowly first get into the push-ups position. Keep in mind that the body should not bend from the middle and try to straight . Now try to stay in this position as long as possible up to 1 minute. Try to hold your breath as well.

– If you want to plan the legs above the planks then first come to the planks position and place the feet on a platform or chair etc. at a height of one feet. Now plan the normal way.

– For medicine ball planks, after your planks are in position, feet have to be placed on the medicine ball instead of placing them on the floor. Under the supervision of a trainer It takes a lot of effort in this easy-to-plan planks variation.

-Planning on one leg is another difficult variation of this exercise. In this, elbows, like ordinary planks, are on the ground but one foot is in the air.

 Benefits of Plan Exercise: –

1. Strengthen abdominal muscles

This makes the stomach muscles strong. This single exercise makes almost the whole body strong and keeps the body in fit shape. It is one of the most effective exercises for reducing belly fat.

2. Improve core muscles

Plank exercises are even more effective than sit-ups and crunch exercises in strengthening core muscles. By doing this, the core sector has a positive impact on almost all important issues.

3. Better balance, body flexible

Good balance is necessary for any exercise. Plank exercise not only makes muscles and body strong, but also balances the body.

4. Prevention of Osteoporosis

Doing this exercise daily helps to prevent diseases like osteoporosis. According to research, doing this exercise daily also keeps diseases like osteoporosis and arthritis away.

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5. Avoiding Back Pain

Daily Plank Exercises make the back muscles more active. Apart from this, this exercise also supports  spine and necks parts makes it stronger. Also become Six pack Abs.

If you too often have back, back or muscle pain, this is the best option for you. It makes the muscles more active and also aids the neck and spine, thereby relieving pain.

6. Flexibility

The biggest reason for workout injury is many times the lack of flexibility in the body. Planks make your hamstrings,shoulders and muscles strong. If you regulate the side planks, it increases the flexibility of the body even more.

7. Metabolism will be better

One of the advantages of Plank is that it improves metabolism. Plank challenges your whole body at the same time. This exercise help to you burn maximize calories. Planking ten times a day for 1-1 minutes is good for metabolism throughout the day.

8.  Beneficial for women Lose Belly Fat Naturally

Many women often complain that their body posture is not right. Actually,some women have their back bent for some reason.. In such a situation, you can use Plank Exercise to correct body posture. Plank is an exercise that is performed in many different ways and its variation has different advantages.

If you want to start an exercise, you can search videos on Google or YouTube and start watching videos. If you want to join us then search “Puneet Singh Tandi Gurera” on Google and YouTube.

Today we wrote about Plank exercise, hope that you must have liked our blog, if you like it, then you must share it among your family and friends.

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